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Challenge:  Design and develop a training approach for a new initiative while shifting call center focus from service to sales.


Project Manager and Courseware Developer (customer service and sales skills, product knowledge, and scripting) for call center and agent initiatives. Worked closely with marketing to insure a consistent message across several departments. Introduced a competency-based interview program to management. Other initiatives included converting instructor-led materials into a web-based format and integrating CRM into in-house and outsourced telesales environments. Timelines were extremely tight and delivery channels were diverse for a project responsible for 80% of sales.

Challenge:  Find the unity behind disparate family histories from eight diaries from four generations spanning a century.


Perception is reality, even when the realities do not agree. In the end, an extended family found they could celebrate their history even when the details challenged their original perceptions. 

Challenge:  Write a business plan and edit procedures and regulatory guidelines for a private mortgage lender.


With limited funding, developed a business plan to attract investors, and supporting documents that served multiple purposes to meet the expanding business model.

Challenge:  Create a uniform recruiting, hiring, and coaching approach for a sales-focused start-up.


Managed a number of projects focused on recruiting, hiring and assimilating sales and customer support staffs for a newly formed network services provider. Developed a competency and behavior-based interview process for recruiting over 450 sales agents, thus ensuring a consistency in approach and a common denominator when making hiring decisions.

Challenge:  Introduce government-mandated housing programs to geographiclly diverse audiences.


Consultant, instructional designer, and facilitator for various projects including the Making Home Affordable programs.  Emphasis was on customer interface as well as legal and compliance issues.


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